Sunday, October 23, 2011

24 weeks

Six months!! Not much new to report. This pregnancy is a lot different then with Kendall in that I notice myself getting a little out of breath with sitting in different positions and sometimes walking.  Nothing that is too concerning just different.  It also seems as though Ethan is a lazy baby and just likes to hang out in his cozy home, for now.  He has just recently started kicking but not a lot and not near what Kendall did.  I know I have four months to go so we’ll see if he becomes more active or remains a lazy boy! Either way, I. LOVE. BABY KICKS (and punches).image                                                                                                        (please excuse the blurry, flash photo)

I wanted to keep with the idea of taking the monthly picture in the same place and in the same type of clothing, however that has not worked out.  Here are my first three pictures as a comparison. I’ll try to be more photogenic in the next four months. UGH! That’s all I’ll say!image

Friday, October 21, 2011

St. James Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin picking time again! St. James United Methodist Church is so close to home and always has such a variety of pumpkins to choose from.  They did not disappoint this year.  There were grey ones, white ones, tiny and large ones and even a few that were white with an orange lace look to it.  Very unique!imageimageThis year, Kendall was even more obsessed with the pumpkins then last year.  She tried to pick a few up and she loved going up and down the aisles looking at all the different colors.  When she saw the pumpkins with discolorations and bumps, she would point and loudly say, “ewwww!” imageWe walked over to the pile of hay, and oh boy, was it better than a toy any day.  Kendall decided to pick up handful after handful of hay and take it to “hide” the pumpkins.  She had a blast covering the pumpkins (even though the hay didn’t “hide” the pumpkins very long) and running through the hay.  She was so involved with the hay, I was lucky to get these pictures.image  How cute is she? These are two of my favorites for sure!image And, before we left, Kendall had to line up three mini pumpkins on the palette. Do you see the two closest together in the left picture? She has number three in her hands.  We also stopped to smell the flowers.  The pumpkin patch visits are going to become more and more fun each year. I already know it!  Next year, Ethan will join us!image

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Uh oh, Cheerio!

Soooo, today, I asked my helper to carry in the Cheerio box (yes, the packaging was already open) so that I could carry in two grocery bags and my empty lunch box.  Well, I barely had the bags up on the counter and I hear, “Mommy, help! Mommy, help!” Kendall wanted some Cheerios and was trying to open the box.  I’d say she didn’t need any help, wouldn’t you?image

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


We were walking out of the door for work and school this morning and I was running out of hands to hold everything that I needed to put into the car.  I asked Kendall to hold my apple because I knew it was something she could hold in her little hands without dropping.  Little did I know she was going to start eating it AND loving it.  I had no clue her seven front teeth could do such a job on an apple much less that she knew what she was doing.  It cracked me up!

She worked on the apple from home to school which is about a seven minute ride.  When I took the apple from her, to have part of my breakfast, this is what I had left of the apple. Too funny!image

Saturday, October 15, 2011

West Farm

Kendall and I headed to the West Farm Corn Maze with some of my friends this year.  We had about 9 kids total plus mommies with kids of all age ranges from baby to big kid.  Kendall had a lot of fun running around with Stryker and pretty much doing her own thing.  Last year, she was mostly in our arms or in the stroller but she did touch her feet to the ground.  She was less then thrilled with taking pictures this year but thankfully I had the help of a friend to capture some shots that Kendall wasn’t so aware of.  Thanks, Rachel!imageThe animals were Kendall’s favorite.  She called each one by name all by herself.  We saw chicken’s, goats (which were her favorite), a huge pig, cows and a horse. I was too busy keeping up with Kendall and where she would put her hands to take pictures of all of the animals. Oops! imageThis is Maggie, the pig.  There was a long pole you could put food down for her to eat and boy, did she know how to make that thing shake.  I don’t think she walked more then a foot away from the pole or lifted her head very long to enjoy all of us watching her.  Guess she was hungry. imageWe did not attempt the maze again this year, but the hayride was a hit for everyone.  I’m not sure what Kendall was saying in this picture but I promise she was having a good time.  There was so much corn to ride around.  She loved bouncing on the big balls too, with my help. imageimage  When the hayride was over, I wanted Kendall to be able to pick out a pumpkin and decorate it with the rest of the kids.  Well, she checked them out for a quick minute however, she had her own plans that consisted of going back to see the goats.  We did leave with a small “puck-in” but it does not have any special touches on it.  Maybe next year.  I hope next year. imageStryker went with us last year too.  I’m happy that a tradition has been started during the fall season and that we can all be a part of it as families.  I can’t wait until next year to see how many kids we can add to the fun.   Aren’t they cute?image

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Halloween “gouly” basket

Uncle Adam and Lauren gave Kendall her first Halloween treat last weekend.  The first thing she wanted to take out of the basket was the purple flashlight.  She wouldn’t let me put it back for a picture.  The flashlight has different cover pieces that project Halloween images.  Her favorite one right now is the owl. She carries it around as much as she can. image I tried to show her some of the other fun treats she got but she wasn’t too interested.  Instead I showed her how to shine the flashlight on the couch and other solid colored surfaces so she could see the owl.  I wish I would have taken more pictures but it was time for breakfast after the amount of time she played with the flashlight. imageThank you Uncle Adam and Lauren for my Halloween goodies.

Love~ Kendall

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Twenty one months old

Another month older, another month of happiness.  Kendall is a joy to have as a daughter and it just really gets better and better as she gets older.  There really isn’t too much to update this month except for her teeth. She has eleven now.  It took 8 1/2 months from the time the first two came in until we saw anymore but now they just keep coming and you wouldn’t know it unless she opens her mouth.  I hope they all are that easy.  We still have the pacifier for those that might be wondering.  I actually haven’t even tried  to get rid of it.  My plan is to attempt that this weekend.  Ha, good luck to me, right? imageThe outdoors is a huge play area for little miss.  She is always checking out the leaves, mulch, flower beds, birds, lizards, trees, and noises.  There is not a bug nor car that passes by without getting her attention somehow.  And she never misses an airplane (excuse the blurriness).imageIt is hard for me to think, that in just three months, I will have a 2 year old.  I think I need to start planning her birthday party before I run out of time.  Here’s to another month of joy sweet girl!