Saturday, September 29, 2012

West Farm…with Jack and Sam

West Farm is always such a fun time.  This year we are going twice and I can’t wait. I didn’t get good pictures of the animals since so I tried to do better with the pumpkins. I love pumpkins!image image imagePicture after picture, I could not get one that wasn’t blurry or blog worthy but this is the best I could get.  Daddy was out of town so we didn’t get a fall family photo this time. imageI promise they enjoyed the hay ride but it sure was hot!imageThis year, there was a new giant tire-sand castle-slide that was a huge hit.  Kendall and Jack were princess and prince of the mountain for a bit. These two couldn’t get enough of all the sand.imageOr the slide…imageThe corn box was a lot of fun for Kendall, Jack and Sam, although Ethan wasn’t too sure. Excuse his ragamuffin look, he wasn’t feeling quite himself.  imageI took some pictures with my phone but nothing compared to my sister’s that she took with her nice camera. Please see her blog for a bigger selection, there is a video and two posts. Thanks for taking all the great pictures, as usually, Seester!!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Some firsts..

I realize Ethan is wearing the same outfit in all of these beginning pictures, however, slacker me does not remember if they were all on the same day.  I have to do better!!

This was Ethan’s first time trying a sippy cup, his first wagon ride and the first time he held his bottle on his own.  He still needs a little help with that if the bottle is full.imageimage First time shopping with mommy!imageFirst time at Publix in the “car” cart. imageFirst time in a NFL jersey. image Please forgive the quality of some of these photos.  My iPhone tends to fail me sometimes.

Saturday, September 1, 2012