Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Random fall photos

Soooo, since I missed posting our October fun, I’m doing it now…all at once. Enjoy!!

We went to the fair for the second year, and Kendall LOVED it.  She did not want to get off of the carousel and had so much fun petting ALL of the animals.  She even fed a few, by her choice. image image image We rode an elephant and of course she had to touch it too.  She patted him nicely on his back.imageIt was so much fun to experience the fair through my baby girl’s eyes.  She took it all in and I can’t wait to go back again next year.  Kendall also wanted her own bag of cotton candy before we left, although I should have said no being that she only ate some of the pink and was done. image And here is lil’ miss in her Halloween outfit.  Not really a costume but good enough for this year. We tried just three times to take a picture with her witch mask she colored in school. LOVE IT! imageI almost forgot to add in our zoo trip.  I wanted to take Kendall to Boo at the Zoo but the timing didn’t work out to stay until the festivities began.  We made it there in time to see a few animals before all of the trick or treating started and we had a blast.image image imageI took some pictures of the animals we saw (monkeys, flamingos, koi) and some in the aquarium exhibit but they didn’t really turn out to be blog worthy.  Here are a  few that did.image I’m hoping next time we make it to the zoo there will be more animals to see and I will have more camera participation from Miss Occupied.  Most of the animals were “sleeping” to prepare the zoo for all of the kiddos to trick or treat.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

28 weeks

Twelve weeks to go until we meet our sweet baby boy! I think he knew I said he was a lazy baby and he has been kicking a lot more lately but still not as much as Kendall.  I passed my glucose tolerance test, which is great news and now we are looking forward to our 30 week ultrasound where they will measure him one more time before delivery time.  We also have a 3D ultrasound scheduled in the coming weeks and I can’t wait for that.  Pictures will follow.  28 weeks

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Twenty two months old

Do you see the focus in this twenty two month old? You can’t miss it. And all because of Dora. Kendall watches tv for a little bit after she gets home from day care and Dora is her most favorite right now. She can name Dora, Boots, Swiper , the map and the backpack without hesitation. Occasionally, she will say the Spanish words when the characters say to do so. Azul (blue) has been the most recent. I was surprised when I heard her say it. Future linguist?

View ljhljlk

Kendall has eleven teeth now but that has not added much to her list of foods she will eat (insert sad mommy face). I continue to try new things and reintroduce old but she is one picky eater, I tell ya. I keep hearing, “one day she’ll eat you out of house and home.” I beg to differ right now. She is showing signs of really wanting to start potty training however the classroom she is in does not help with that at her age so i don’t want to confuse her. We’ll start soon enough.

She continues to talk like crazy and is putting two to three words together. I love it. She is more in tune with my growing belly and knows that there is a baby inside. I’m working on teaching her to say brother and Ethan but those don’t come out so clear right now. In case anyone wonders, she does, to my dismay, still have the paci. I am thankful it’s just at night but still wish it was gone. I think I can! I think I can! That’s what I’ll have to tell myself in order to get rid of it.

We continue to be blessed with a healthy, happy, growing little girl who makes us smile every single day. She is so full of life and makes my heart bigger every day. Thank you sweet girl!