Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

We headed up to Columbia again this year for our family Thanksgiving meal. Mark’s parents and brother were there too.  It is nice to be able to gather together in one place for such a wonderful meal.  Each family had their own responsibility for what to bring, made for easy cooking.  Thank you to Michelle and Mark for baking the turkey and dessert and having everyone in your home.imageKendall and Jack were able to have some cousin time while we waited for all of the yummy food to finish cooking.  The two of them always have so much fun together.imageThanks for sharing all of your fun toys with me, Jack!  ~Kendallimage I love these three pictures! So sweet!imageAunt Michelle made Kendall and Jack some fun pilgrim and Indian headdresses. She’s so creative!imageJack had to have his picture taken after we were already gone, after his nap. image  The Singer kids with their kids. This was at the request of our proud mommy!imageKendall and Jack love their Uncle Adam.  We were so glad to spend time with you and Regal! imageKendall enjoyed Thanksgiving lunch with the rest of us.  Her favorite this year was mac and cheese.  She tried turkey, green bean casserole and mashed potatoes and strawberry salad.  I’m so proud of her for trying news things even though she may not always like them on the first try.imageWe enjoyed Thanksgiving on Sunday at church with the Grant’s.  There was so much socializing and good food we forgot to take out our cameras for pictures. 

We continue to have so much to be thankful for each year and this year is no different.  We look forward to getting settled in our new home and for the upcoming holiday season. three

Thursday, November 18, 2010

She’s walking…slowly but surely

Kendall started taking a few steps over the last few weeks however it’s only been about one or two steps at a time.  Yesterday, she decided she was going to take more.  It was so cute to watch how proud she was of herself after each time she was finished walking.  The video is the best of the seven.  She is quick!  I am excited for this milestone and know now, we are all officially ON THE MOVE! Way to go baby girl! We’re so proud of you!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Ten months old and off to the fair

The Coastal Carolina Fair is in town and what better way to celebrate Kendall’s ten month birthday.  After work, we bundled Kendall up and headed out early to beat the traffic and the crowds. We timed everything perfectly.  There was absolutely no traffic, we pulled right in and waited in NO lines.  Ryan was able to win free tickets from a local radio station so we eased our way passed all the ticket buyers and braved the madness.  I thought for sure that a Friday, the second to last day of the fair, that it would be crazy but our timing couldn’t have been better.

Our first stop, the carousel!  I was super excited however, Kendall wasn’t too sure about it.  The carnies waited for the entire carousel to be full before starting the ride.  She didn’t mind it once we started moving, although these pictures seem to show otherwise.  (Excuse the quality of the fair pictures.  I forgot the camera in the car so these are all with the iPhone). imageAfter the carousel, we headed over to eat and get out of the wind for a little bit.  Ryan and I both had a gyro…and waited in NO line to order them.  The animals were our next stop and I think I was more excited to bring Kendall here then to ride on the carousel.  This was Kendall’s third time seeing animals and each time she loves it even more.  We saw cows, pigs, horses, ducks, turkeys, goats, rabbits, hares and chickens, OH MY!! Her favorite this time were the cows and horses.  She laughed each time we passed a cow. Mooooo!!!imageA quick pose in the rocking chair before saying bye to the animals. image We had so much fun at the fair and were there the perfect amount of time.  I am already looking forward to next year when Kendall can ride the kiddie rides and maybe try some fair food. But don’t let it come around too fast. I can wait a year, I promise!   Of course we didn’t leave without an elephant ear for dessert.  Mmmm, it was warm, sugary goodness of 1000+ calories!

Another month older and another month to know how lucky we are to be Kendall’s parents.  It continues to be a joy raising her.  We are so blessed and couldn’t be more proud of our baby girl.  Her first tooth has started popping through and it hasn’t seemed to bother her at this point.  It is the bottom left tooth.  She has started rolling her tongue over the top of it and then sticking her tongue all the way out, too cute!  Two weeks ago she also took her first steps and has done so twice since then.  Right now it’s just 2-3 steps at a time.  I believe she’ll have the hang of it by the end of the month for sure.  You can definitely tell she is ready to walk but knows she can get to where she wants to go quicker by crawling.  I love watching her learn and grow daily. 

One of her favorites right now is reading bedtime stories.  I can’t even put one book down before she is grabbing another.  Bedtime is one of my most favorite times of the day, cuddling with my baby girl.  Nothing could compare!  She also LOVES Sadie.  She will play with Sadie until she runs away and poor ole’ Sade just lets Kendall do whatever she wants.  Thanks for being such a good dog Sadier-meister!! Sadie is my dog from college who is now 12 years old. Love her!imageShe has started eating a few more finger foods but still prefers the blends I make.  Her favorite right now is shredded cheese.  Slowly but surely we’ll keep adding more.  She is drinking a total of 18 ounces of formula a day and nursing only at night.


Thank you for another amazing month.  You continue to make everyone around you happy and put a smile on even a stranger’s face.  You are starting to show signs of understanding us when we don’t want you to play with something, you know when you want your sippy cup and just how much water you want to drink and you continue to try new foods that mommy gives you for any meal.  I’m glad you don’t put up too much of a fuss with the foods and at least try them all.  Thank you for making our hearts bigger and our lives complete, baby girl.

We love you!

Mommy and Daddy