Monday, September 27, 2010

Love her….

And all her faces! These are some random pictures over the last month from my phone and camera.  She is so much fun these days and I seem to find myself playing with her and her toys and forgetting my toy…the camera.  Please excuse the resolution of some of these pictures as the iPhone doesn’t always focus when she is in motion.  imageWe have had fun so far this football season.  Kendall went to her first tailgate when Carolina played Georgia and then went to play with Grandma and Grandpa and Jack while we watched the game on tv with some friends.  I cant wait to post some pictures of her Michigan and USC dresses. We are truly a house divided! Go Blue and Go Gamecocks!  imageI love these pictures of her watching tv. Her eyes are glued to the cartoons, even when I tried to give her a sweet kiss. Her bottom lip cracks me up. Love. Her!! image

Happy Anniversary

It’s been 2 years since we tied the knot. We have a beautiful daughter to help us celebrate this year and life can only get better from here.  Time sure does fly.loveHappy Anniversary babe!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Happy feet

We were on our way to Columbia for the USC/Georgia game and this is what I saw one of the times I turned around to look at our sweet girl.  Sorry that it is only feet but I just couldn’t resist.  She does this with her feet all of the time but this time it just made me laugh a little extra.  She was almost even in sync with the music we were listening to.  She is too cute!

Happy Grandparents day

Where would we all be without grandparents? I am so thankful for mine and know that I wouldn’t be the person that I am today without their influence (along with my parents) in my life.  Today, I would like to let my grandparents know how much I appreciate them.  It means alot to me that my daughter has been able to meet her great grandparents on my mom’s side and I know that my grandparents on my dad’s side are looking down on her every day. 

This is me with my grandparents, Morris and Esther Singer, days after I was born!  I miss you both, dearly.  Thank you both, for always looking out for me!grandparentsSuch a happy couple! Thank you both for always instilling the best values in me!Kendall Harper- 5 months 081Kendall would like to say happy grandparents day to her grandparents as well.  Thank you ALL for everything you do for me.  I couldn’t ask for better people to grow up with and to have as my grandparents.  I love you all!Cola visit 2proud grandparents We hope you all had a fantastic grandparents day and that you all know how important and special you are to all of us!


Kendall, Lindsey and Ryan

Sunday, September 5, 2010

8 months old

Growing, growing, growing! She just won’t stop.  I hear comments all of the time about how tall she is and I just can’t believe it myself.  She is growing like a weed.  This month she has definitely mastered crawling.  She is pulling up on anything and everything and has figured out how to gently let go to be able to sit back down.  She stands for a few seconds at a time but I don’t think she realizes what she is doing.  Sometimes she even stands on her tip toes.  We have baby proofed some of the house and will continue to do so as we need to.  She is still mostly interested in her toys and non toys but has started exploring the kitchen.image We play outside as much as we can and it makes her day.  She’ll sit and watch as the cars pass by, listen to the birds and now she likes to play with the grass and the flowers.  She is determined not to put her legs flat on the grass as you can see by the “tongue sticking out” concentration!imageHer sweet face just makes me melt.  I love taking pictures of her.  My sweet girl!  I need to catch her while I can before she starts walking all over the place or says, “Mom, enough pictures already!”   I have been trying to be better at having my phone or camera ready for action.imageShe continues to eat three meals a day and sometimes has an afternoon snack.  We have added beef, tomato, cinnamon, peaches, tiny pasta noodles and cheddar cheese to your list of foods.  You are also eating cheerios now and can eat those until we stop giving them to you.  I love to watch you pick them up with your thumb and first finger.  You’re so precise in picking them up just perfect!  You are napping twice a day and still drink 3 bottles a day with nursing once at bedtime.   You are only getting your pacifier for naps and bedtime and sometimes on car rides.  



Thank you so much for being the perfect little baby that you are.  Your daddy and I look forward to every second of every minute with you.  The minute I lay you down at night, I can’t wait for the sun to come up so I can see your face again.  You are such a happy baby and for that I am greatful.  Recently, you have started to hold on tight to me when other people want to hold you and it makes my heart skip a beat.  You love your momma!  When I walk in the door at the babysitters house, your face lights up and you come crawling to me as fast as you can.  I am still in awe of you and thank God all the time for choosing us to be your parents. (I think I will say that forever). We love you sweet girl, more and more as the days go by. Thank you for being you! Your growth and development are exceptional and we will go for your 9 month check up next month to get all of the vital information.


Mommy and Daddy

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Uncle Randy!

We hope you enjoy your birthday!Kendall Harper 572Love,

Kendall, Lindsey & Ryan