Monday, April 30, 2012

Oh, day care!

Today was my first day back to work and boy was I dreading it.  I knew the day would come but when the reality hits, it’s just no fun.  I am going to miss being home with my sweet baby boy.  The past twelve weeks have been so much fun, productive and memorable.  Babies grow up too fast and you can only enjoy their littleness for so long.  I brought Ethan to day care once a week for the past two weeks although it was not for an entire eight hours.  Doing that definitely helped ease me into today but I still didn’t like it.  Thanks to all of my family and friends for the words of encouragement, we all survived the eight hour work/day care day.  Ethan was a lot happier to go to day care then I was to go to work.daycare Don’t you just love his smile? I think it’s one of the best ones I know!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Ethan’s baptism day

The day was perfect, well all except for the weather.  It was a dreary day but that didn’t stop us from celebrating our sweet boy.  Ethan wore our family baptismal gown and added to the list of family members to carry on the tradition.  I am so grateful for traditions, they mean so much.  He was awake for the whole service and when Reverend Ripley was baptizing him he whimpered very softly almost as if to say, “ooh that was cold".”  It was so cute and no crying (sorry it’s blurry).imageDoesn’t he look so sweet? image We celebrated the occasion afterward, at the Grant’s with a nice lunch and some more family time. The weather was not very cooperative for picture taking but knowing everyone was there for this special reason was just as memorable.  My sister had this cake made for our little man and it sure was tasty.image Our family has been so blessed with Ethan and we thank everyone for coming to share in such a special day for us.   God is good! image

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Two months old

My sweet boy! You are growing like a weed.  I completely skipped out on your one month post.  It came and went so fast.  There is not a whole lot that has changed however, so I’m not that far behind.  You are a momma’s boy right now.  Grandpa says, you have an internal blue tooth device that goes off if I get too far away.  There have been a few times that you have been sound asleep and when I leave the room you wake up instantly.  You love your momma and that’s all that matters.  imageYou have done well with the Zantac twice a day and I think I could safely say all of your symptoms are controlled.  I have forgotten, just one time, to give you both doses and you did seem to be a bit more fussy that day.   Dr. Nordby suggested we stick to nursing still every three hours in order to give the Zantac time to work.  You are smiling so much right now and starting to coo quite often. I just love it and your smile melts my heart.  imageYour big sister adores you and helps out with anything she can when it comes to you.  Her favorite is to help get the diaper and wipes when we change you.  She wants to be a part of everything and I couldn’t ask for a better helper. 

We all love you so much, my boy, and I know the months are going to continue to fly by like they did with your sister.  I will cherish every moment of your baby phase, each and every month.  We continue to pray for a healthy, blessed life for you, Ethan, and will do all we can to provide that for you.

Palm Sunday

Wow! What a difference a year makes.  We celebrated Palm Sunday like we did last year, with family and an egg hunt.  Ryan had to travel to North Carolina for work so he missed the egg hunt again.  During the church service, Kendall, Emory and Sullivan were part of the group of children that helped to carry palm branches to the front of the church.  Kendall held Lindy’s hand and followed the rest of the crowd.  She wasn’t sure what to think but didn’t make a peep.  Way to go big girl!imageSullivan helped Kendall with the egg hunting when the eggs were hidden extra good or in hard to reach places.  Thanks Sullivan!  Kendall had a blast finding eggs and was so proud of each and every egg in her basket. image image I think Sullivan counted twenty one eggs in Kendall’s basket.image Look at that happy girl and her cousins.image imageLove Ethan’s face.  Looks like he’s checking out Kendall’s sucker.imageimage    My face is a little hidden but I love this picture of my and my first born!image