Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day

I was all prepared this year to take some good pictures during the holidays.  Well don’t you know, I didn’t really accomplish that.  We woke up Christmas morning to see what Santa brought for Kendall and of course I was really too concerned with her reaction and wanting to see it on my own, that I didn’t get the best pictures.  She was so excited, however to open everything! She kept saying, “Santa brought it.” Too cute!imageAfter a few presents at home, we headed up to Columbia to celebrate more of Christmas with my parents, sister and her family and my brother.  We had a nice meal followed by more presents.  Kendall was more interested in what Jack and Sam got from Santa then opening her own gifts. My sister took a lot more pictures then me (as usual), so please check out her blog. (excuse the blurriness of the tree).imageWe packed up the gifts and then it was time to sing Happy Birthday to Jesus! We will always celebrate the reason for the season! imageI think I need to make one of my New Year’s resolutions, to take more pictures.  

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Santa Claus…

Was not Kendall’s favorite this year.  We headed to see the Christmas lights at Old Santee Canal State Park with the Gehlken’s.  Kendall loved the lights and was even happy to eat some marshmallows off a stick however Santa was a no go.  Last year was a piece of cake so we’ll keep our fingers crossed and see what picture we get next year.  Maybe having her little brother  sit next to her will make it all better.  image

Sunday, December 18, 2011

32 weeks

The countdown to the single digit weeks began last week but now with this blog post, it marks EIGHT weeks until we get to see Ethan’s sweet face.  I can definitely tell Ethan is growing and taking up every bit of space there is for him.  I become short of breath frequently, but not every day and sitting down is not my favorite thing.  I have to get in a comfortable position so that I don’t feel like everything is so crammed in.  He his constantly moving, mainly in the morning and night and occasionally I can feel a “part” although I can’t always tell what it is.  We are slowly preparing for his grand debut and preparing Kendall as well.  Can’t wait to meet him!!  imageJust for fun…my baby bump growth so far.  image               16 weeks                           20 weeks                        24 weeks                            28 weeks

Christmas with the Grant’s

Family is so special to me and to spend time with multiple family members throughout the holiday season makes it always more enjoyable and that much more special.  We celebrated Christmas with the Grant’s, the Sunday before the big day.  There were presents and wrapping paper everywhere.  image image Emory got an American Doll from Lindy and Granddaddy. I think it was a hit with the big girls too.imageUncle Earl and his new wife, Sylvia, joined us for Christmas this year bearing gifts for all.image image Kendall and Emory love to play on Lindy’s piano.  They tried their hands at some Christmas music. It sure doesn’t look like they got very far.  Guess they were learning the music.imageWe had so much fun with everyone and enjoyed a great meal as well.  Merry Christmas to all!image

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ice cream cone Christmas trees

My mom shared an old idea that she used to do as a kid with Kendall and Jack and they both had so much fun with it.  Cover an ice cream cone with green frosting and decorate with red and green M &M’s, how easy.  Kendall wasn’t sure what to do with the M&M’s to start with but it didn’t take long, after sampling a few, to figure it out. image And then, oh my, she wanted another iced cone all to herself….to eat like corn on the cob. I was a little iffy due to the mess it would make but then I thought, “sure go ahead.”  It was a treat to watch her examine the cone and see how she could get the most icing off.  What a cutie!!image Thanks for sharing your holiday craft with me Grandma! It was fun! The trees made a nice final touch to our first gingerbread house.image

Monday, December 5, 2011

It’s Ethan…in 3D

We got to see our baby boy tonight on the big screen.  When I was 27 weeks pregnant with Kendall, we went to See Me 3D and enjoyed the experience so much, we went back this time at 30 weeks to see baby Ethan.  It was much more of an experience this time, as Kendall was able to come with us.  I brought the iPad, a toy and some Cheerios to keep her busy just in case she didn’t want to sit still.  She did so good and you almost didn’t know she was there.  I was so happy she was able to be a part of this event.

The picture on the left is a little smile and on the right, his eyes are open (kinda creepy).imageThis one amazes me, you can see his eyelashes! image These are all with his eyes closed and his hand and arm in front of his face.image

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Our FIRST gingerbread house

Oh, what fun did we have!! It was the first time for me making the house and Kendall even seeing one.  I didn’t exactly read the directions all the way through so I think these four gingerbread walls must have fell down and were put back together at least five times. Duh, you have to wait for it to dry before you try to decorate.  I will definitely remember this for the next time.  Kendall enjoyed playing with the candy and did add her personal touches.  I can’t wait to make one next year.  I’ll have four hands to help me!imageNotice the mouth full of candy (sorry for the grainy iPhone picture).imageAnd our final product… image