Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mmmm, yogurt!

Look at this big girl, will ya? She has caught on to using a spoon rather quickly and really enjoys feeding herself. Her fingers come in to play sometimes but not near as much. Miss Independent!

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And here is the final messy face when she was all done! Love her!image

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Grand Rapids trip

Kendall and I loaded up in the Yukon, last Thursday and headed to Myrtle Beach with Grandma, Jack, Sam and Aunt Michelle to catch our flight to Michigan for our summer trip.  This year, it was a short trip (for my cousin’s wedding) but very well worth it. 

We waited to board our flight and tried to keep Kendall and Jack entertained at a busy gate in the mean time. Oh, what fun (and exercise) we had.  These little cousins sure did have a good time playing with the seatbelts before take off. imageKendall and Jack aren’t much for shopping so we found something more to their interest when we visited Woodland Mall.imageIt is a tradition to make a stop at Arnie’s for breakfast each time we are in Michigan and this trip was no exception.  We are missing a few people in this photo (there were 20 of us) since a few family members left before the picture was taken.image I don’t know what I was thinking at the wedding, but these are the only two pictures I took.  None of the bride and groom, none of the decorations, none of my family. Just plain none.  My sister’s blog for the trip is better.  She was able to get some pictures from our cousins.imageWe packed our things and headed to the airport way too early and said our good byes to Michigan!  It was a short but sweet trip and definitely went by too fast. image

Saturday, June 18, 2011

EdVenture Children’s Museum

We love this place! The EdVenture Children’s Museum is so much fun for people of all ages. This is our second time going with Jack, and now with Sam too.  My parents had to go to Columbia to watch Jack and Sam for the weekend so they came too.  There is so much to see and do.  I love the amount of interactive exhibits and so do the kids.

Don’t you just love our little Aussie’s?image Sam was quite content to be in his car seat and take it all in.  What a cutie pie!   imageWhen we were at the car exhibit, I couldn’t help but imagine what things will be like in a few years when these sweet cousins are really driving.  Trouble? Nah!!image They have a new magnet board that wasn’t there the last time we went and Kendall had a good time playing with the shapes, letters and numbers.imageDon’t you just love the kangaroos? We all had a good time in the Australian corner. imageimage

Monday, June 13, 2011

First day of “school”

Kendall moved from a home day care to a facility day care today. We have gone up to the school a few times so she could be introduced to the atmosphere, the kids and the teachers and she couldn’t get out of my arms fast enough on those occasions.  Today. Was. Different.  She wouldn’t let me go.  I know the adjustment will take time for both of us, but boy was it hard to leave her and to hear her cry as I walked out of the door.

These pictures below are all taken with my iPhone, using the Instagram app. Love it!imageI stayed for just a bit to get her settled and ready for breakfast.  She has to be dropped off in one classroom before her teachers come in to her classroom so she is one of three kids that get there so early.  This was her first taste of cinnamon toast crunch and she loved it.image Here’s hoping for a good adjustment period! We love you sweet girl and are proud of you!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Boat Day

We took Kendall on the boat for the first time today with some friends.  Nine of us piled on to the Gehlken’s boat and made our way from the river to the lake.  We had three kids in tow, so we were unsure on how the ride would go.  It was perfect.  Kendall wasn’t too keen on the wind in the beginning but quickly got used to it and didn’t mind it one bit. 

Kendall wanted to try on Stryker’s arm floaties and loved every minute of wearing them.  She liked to kick her feet in the water and watch all of the splashing she did.image Faith eating her sandwich while we were in the locks and sweet Mr. Stryker, “cheesin.”image Kendall had to touch every speaker and button she found around the boat and danced to the music at the same time.  She made her way around the inside of the boat like a pro.image

I didn’t bring my camera on the water for fear of getting it wet and we were cautious as well with our phones, hence the lack of pictures. It sure was a fun day! Can’t wait until next time.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Seventeen months old

Today we celebrated Kendall’s 17 month birthday at the Grant’s pool.  We have been one other time so far this year and Kendall did not like it, at all!  It took her about thirty minutes to warm up to it this time.  She wasn’t having anything to do with her new float or the water in general until she saw daddy playing with the jet.  She was very interested in the fountain of water coming from the little white pipe (see the far left picture, the pipe is barely showing at the bottom). 

Dan, Rachel and Stryker joined us at the pool so I think with Kendall seeing Stryker play, it helped ease her mind.  Once Ryan got her in, it was smooth sailing from there.  I helped her blow bubbles in the water and kick her feet to make a splash, she loved that.  I can’t wait until next time.imageWe got home just in time for dinner and a little bit of tv.  Kendall ate all of her broccoli and some of her cauliflower while in her bathing suit cover up.  She had it all over her face and of course her WHITE cover up.  So far I have washed it once and the cheese sauce did not come out.  She is in a stage right now where she does not like to wear her bib and pulls it off as fast as I can put it on.  It’s pretty cute to watch but oh, the mess it leaves behind.image There isn’t much new to report this month.  Still, I say, still, only two teeth.  She is into puzzles and books right now and is such a copy cat.  She can mimic almost anything I show her or any sound I make.  She can make an elephant sound, a monkey and a horse.  Love it!!  We laugh at her daily and she always keeps a smile on our face.  It is truly a joy to be her parents! We love you, Kendall!