Friday, April 29, 2011

And we have sand!

I decided to finally fill the other half of Kendall’s two in one table with sand and she really enjoyed it.  I was curious to see what she would do with the sand between her fingers but she didn’t mind it one bit.  She managed to play the entire time (this time) without putting sand in her mouth.  I know this day will come but for now, good job, baby girl!imageShe wanted to share some sand with me. How sweet! imageKendall was so focused on her new pile of fun sand that I could not get her to look at the camera whatsoever.  She always wants to see how everything works, always so busy. No time to smile.image This summer is going to be full of outdoor activities I can already tell.  We are going to have to stock up on outdoor toys to keep our busy body little miss occupied.  She has already mastered the word ow-sigh (outside) and runs for the back door, if that tells you anything.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fifteen month photo shoot

Sunday, after church, after brunch and after Jack and Kendall’s Easter egg hunt, we tried to take some pictures of Kendall for her 15 month pictures.  Kendall was hard to keep up with and it was definitely hot outside.  I tried to take some pictures with Michelle’s camera and obviously I need some lessons…they didn’t turn out.  Michelle was able to get all these precious pictures, but only one outfit this time.  We’ll plan better for 18 months. imageSweet girl imageimageimage   

Thank you, Aunt Michelle for another month of great pictures. What would we do without you and your talent?  We love you!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Slight obsession….

With the Easter bunny!  This little girl would NOT leave the bunny alone.

We headed to the Summit Club for brunch after we left church and the Easter bunny was there with two full baskets of eggs to greet everyone.  I couldn’t get Kendall to hold still long enough to take a picture, so I picked her up.  Boy, that didn’t last long!  She wouldn’t stay in the dining area long enough to eat before she was back to visiting with the bunny. imageThe plastic eggs caught her attention right away.  She would take two out of the basket at a time, tap them together and either put them back in the basket or hand them back to the bunny.  I figured she was going to try and hoard them but she was considerate and we only left with the initial one that the bunny gave her when we walked in the door. Good job, sweet girl!imageShe would tap the bunny on his knee or tummy as if to say “sit down, I want to sit on your lap!” You had to see it to believe it.  And the bunny followed through.imageAnd if sitting on the bunny’s lap wasn’t hightlight enough, she had to stick her hand in the bunny’s mouth.  The bunny wasn’t bothered one bit.  Trust  me, I thanked that bunny a few times for being so good with Kendall.  I am also thankful that there was not a huge line of kids.  I do believe lil’ miss felt that the bunny was there just for her.  It was so very cute!image

Sam’s baptism

It was a full house at Trinity Episcopal on Sunday morning.  And what a special day it was!  It was a very nice Easter service and Sam was welcomed into the church.  We weren’t allowed to take pictures during the baptism and we forgot to afterward.  I managed to take this one with my iPhone after the baptism was finished.  Sam was giving Grandpa lots of smiles.  He is such a sweet baby (I promise his eyes were open).imageKendall stayed with us in church for a little while but then I took her to the nursery to play with Jack until most of the service was over.  She held it together for a short time once I went to get her, however she still didn’t last until the end.  We went outside to play while we waited for everyone and she was so happy! image

Easter morning

We woke up bright and early Easter morning to see what the Easter bunny left for Kendall.  I totally didn’t think about leaving the bunny a note and some carrots.  I need to get better at traditions.  Although, I know in the coming years, Kendall will understand better so I will be better.

I didn’t want to go over board with things for her basket this year because she isn’t really into “toys” right now.  She would rather run around the house, play outside or find a non toy any day of the week.  I decided to get some things she needed and I know as she gets older there will be plenty of fun things to put in her basket that she will  love and have so much fun with.imageimage

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Fun in the sun

After church, Kendall and I went to run a few errands.  I knew one of the things we had to do was to get her a fun toy to play with outside.  And that we did!  We picked up a sand and water table and home we went to test it out.  imageOh, the fun she had.  I don’t have sand for the one side yet but the water kept her quite content.imageimageI can’t wait to see how she plays with the sand.  She had so much fun splashing in the water and getting everything wet.  This girl loves anything outdoors as you can tell by her sweet smile!

Palm Sunday

Today we headed to Midland Park United Methodist, where Kendall was baptized, for Palm Sunday and Kendall’s first Easter egg hunt.  I was so excited to see what she would do with the eggs.  Or if she would even know to look for them.  With Lindy’s help, Kendall realized she needed to pick up the eggs and put them (and try to keep them) in her basket.   image There were a few times she would pick them up with a look on her face of “why are these empty?”  Eventually she tried to see how many she could carry without her basket. imageAfter she found played with a few eggs, she was more concerned with her surroundings and the big open space she could run in.  Boy, did she enjoy herself!image Yes, I know she has white on and it’s not yet past “the time” but I just couldn’t resist.  She is just the prettiest little thing if I do say so myself.imageThank you Lindy and Granddaddy for inviting us to church and to the egg hunt. We had a lot of fun.  (Ryan had to leave early to go golf.  It was a beautiful day and a friends birthday). image

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Silly girl

Kendall is really fond of music and when certain music comes on the tv or radio she will break it down.  She dances in the car a lot.  She’ll put her arms in the air and shake them back and forth and move herself left to right-hope you can make sense of that- all while saying, “dan” (dance)! It is the cutest thing and I can’t help but join her.  She always has the biggest smile on her face when she dances.  I love it!

This video was before bed last night when she was dancing to Jake and the Neverland Pirates theme song, which is a cartoon on the Disney channel.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fifteen month well check

“Another impressive visit.” said Dr. Nordby.  She is always so impressed with what you know and how you are developing.  It makes me such a proud mommy to hear her say the things she does.  One of my favorite things she said was, “I wish every 15 month was as well behaved as she is.”  You have figured out what the doctor’s office is all about and you aren’t such a fan of the scale or exam table like you used to be.  You prefer to be walking around when we are in the room.  You got one shot this visit and did just fine with it. 

The only bad note this time was that you were diagnosed with a double ear infection, which you did very well at hiding, and croup.  There were no symptoms of an ear infection so I was quite surprised to hear of both of your ears being infected.  I was pretty sure of the croup, being that you sounded like a seal the night before your appointment.  We left with a prescription for an antibiotic for your ears and a steroid for your cough.  You are a pretty healthy, sick baby, sweet girl.  You never seem to let any illness get in your way of being happy.  image 

                                                       Height: 33 1/2 inches – 97th percentile

                                                Weight: 23 pounds 12 ounces – 50th percentile

                                         Head circumference: 46 centimeters – 50th percentile

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fifteen months old

Kendall. Is. A. Hoot!! Her personality is amazing and flourished more then ever.  She makes anyone around her laugh constantly.  I joked the other day, saying she needed her own comedy show, yes, at 15 months old.  She is a character of all sorts.  She makes funny faces, funny sounds, funny movements….she’s just plain funny! 

Kendall, grandma and I went to the mall a few days ago and happened to pass by the Mickey ride.  We tried to  keep walking but Kendall would not let us.  She doesn’t like to be in the stroller much anymore so when I put her down she made a mad dash back to where she knew M O (Mickey) would be waiting.  The closer we got to Mickey, the louder she got. “M O! M O!” We laughed so hard, we had tears in our eyes!imageBath time is still an all time favorite for our baby girl! She loves to play with (and in) the water.  Coloring on the tub is always a must whether it be with her right hand or left hand.  She is definitely ambidextrous right now! I’m curious to see what hand she’ll start to favor.  At meal times she tends to use her left hand for the utensils and when picking up some toys. We’ll see! imageIt is rare to catch Kendall sitting still but every once and a while, a cartoon will catch her eye and she will sit still to see what the cartoons are doing.  Kendall has two rocking horses and she quickly mastered getting on and off her pink one so she figured she would tip it upside down and try to stand on top of it (which she did) like a natural equestrian.  I wasn’t quick enough to capture that “trick” as I was too busy trying to make sure she didn’t fall.  I’d have given her a 10 for sure!imageKendall is such a joy! I look forward to every minute I have to spend with her.  You never know what she will do next and it keeps each day interesting and worth waking up for.  She continues to eat most of the same foods.  I continue to introduce new things although, I feel like she is limited to what she can eat since she STILL only has two teeth.  I know the rest of them will come in soon enough.  Funny thing is, I can’t even picture what she’d look like with more teeth!image  Kendall-

It is hard to believe how fast you have grown from our baby girl to our toddler.  You are so beautiful, have the prettiest smile and the most amazing personality.  You are a good listener and really seem to understand what we say to you.  When it is time to take a bath, you head for the stairs and straight to the bath tub.  When it is time to go outside, you know that you have to have your shoes on and head straight for the door, saying “ow-sigh” (outside).  When it’s time for bed, you wave bye bye to dad, head for the stairs, into your room and grab your lovey.  I love knowing that I can understand most things you need or want just by listening to what you want your words to mean.  Grandaddy said tonight, “she knows what she means and means what she says” and he couldn’t be more right! I thank God all of the time for you and couldn’t be a happier mommy!

We love you sweet pea!

Mommy and Daddy