Tuesday, September 27, 2011

20 weeks (and two days)

HALF WAY THERE!! I can hardly believe it.  I remember the day I found out, literally, like it was yesterday.  I am so greatful to be healthy and have had such an uneventful pregnancy, yet again.  I have gained just seven pounds and for that I am incredibly thankful.  I did forget to take my 20 week picture on Sunday so this one is from today at work.  I feel like my scrub shirt looks like a tent compared to my shirt in the 16 week picture.  I have been exercising as previously stated however not as much as I’d like….it will get better (and cooler). By the way, we found out the sex and we are going to be blessed with a baby BOY! We will be naming him Ethan Caleb.  Yes, Kendall is already learning to say her baby brother’s name.DSC00676

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Washcloth

Kendall was having so much fun playing with her washcloth while she was in the bath tonight.  It was quite comical to sit back and watch what she would do with it.  Her favorite thing was to open it up and stick it to her belly.  She laughed at herself a few times and I laughed with her.image She decided to pose for me too.  What a cute tooshie!  I love bath time!image

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Let’s go Gamecocks!

Lindy bought Kendall this cheerleader outfit last year when she was about 8 months old (I think) and she is finally able to wear it.  I think she looks pretty cute in garnet or maybe maize and blue.imageimage

Monday, September 5, 2011

Twenty months old

Our sweet girl was under the weather for her 20 month birthday.  After we went to the beach on Saturday (pictures to come), she woke up Sunday morning with a fever and it lasted for three days.  We went to the doctor and were told it was just something viral, everything else checked out normal.  What a sweet picture.

Kendall has adjusted very well to day care. She has been there since June 13 and is no longer using the pacifier during nap time while she is there.  This momma needs to get with the program and take it away at home.  She only gets it for naps and a bedtime however, I’m ready to be done with it.  I feel like she is getting too big for a pacifier.  I know I just need to not give in (ha, easier said then done).

sweet Kendall has eight teeth right now, although they are not all completely in.  She is taking her time with popping teeth out, I’ll tell ya. I’m just hoping the longer they take to come in, the healthier and straighter her adult teeth will be. We’ll see! Food is still a challenge for us as Kendall is so picky with food.  I have introduced new foods over and over with no luck. I have tried to disguise food and she’s too smart for that.  She still prefers chicken nuggets, mac and cheese and turkey dogs over anything else.  Breakfast is not a problem, it’s only lunch and dinner that we need help with.  Thankfully she loves most fruits so she is eating a little bit healthy.  We’ll get there, I hope.

Her personality, still, continues to blossom.  She is so funny, every single day.  She is talking more and more and her memory is really starting to shine.  She surprises me with things that she remembers, although some of it, I know is her “routine.”  I think the sweetest thing she does right now is to reach for my belly, lift up my shirt, kiss my belly and she says “baby!”  The sound effect for the kiss is the best and she does it over and over.  I. LOVE. HER!! Happy 20 months sweet girl!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Isle of Palms

Michelle and the boys came down from Columbia today to spend a day at the beach.  It was Kendall’s second time on the beach but her first time to really play and get used to the sand and water.  She hung out with Sam under the umbrella for a while until she got used to everything.  Once she explored some more, she was a pro.  You would have thought she had been before.imageShe had so much fun playing in the sand and running through the water.imageLook at my sweet nephews and their momma! Check out my sister’s beach day blog.imageThese two were too funny to watch.  It was a game of monkey see, monkey do at some points. imageKendall had an absolute blast being tossed in the air by daddy.  She went back for more a few times and wore daddy out.  Yes, she looks pretty high but she was in safe hands!imageI can’t wait for the next trip to the beach.  I know Kendall will run to meet the waves.