Sunday, August 28, 2011

16 weeks

Here is my first belly picture of baby Grant #2 for all to see.  I missed the 12 week picture so I figured 16 weeks was a good place to start.  I am starting to feel mostly good but still have episodes of nausea and very little vomiting, thankfully.  I am going to be exercising regularly soon, so I can ensure that the baby weight will not hang around, as people “say” it will.  It just needs to cool down a bit.  Kendall realizes there is something going on with momma’s belly and frequently says “baby” and will kiss my tummy.  LOVE. IT!! I can’t wait to see how Kendall does being a big sister! I go for the ultrasound to determine the sex on September 26 and that day can’t come soon enough.  We are so excited to find out what blessing number 2 will be!DSC00656

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Daddy’s Guitar…

Was a hit with our music loving girl. Ryan decided to dust off his guitar case, bring out the guitar and play some music for Kendall and me while we played upstairs. Kendall heard the first strum of the guitar and quickly wanted to try it out for herself. Ryan tuned it up a bit and then let her have a turn. I was impressed with how gentle she was with the strings. She has seen daddy play the guitar a time or two and it didn’t take long for her to understand how to make the music. She even pressed on the chords and used the pick to strum. I shouldn’t be so surprised, this child loves music. Who knows, maybe we have the next Taylor Swift?

View Guitar


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Here fishy, fishy

I decided last night, that tomorrow was as good of a time as any to take Kendall to the aquarium for her second visit.  We met up with Aunt Mollie and Sullivan and Emory.  The last time we went she was such a baby and not really aware of what she was seeing.  This time was completely different.  She explored each exhibit and could even name some of the animals that we saw. “Fishy,” “sna(ke)” (which she touched poked), “shar(k)” and she even gave her best at octopus which was more like ah-pu. Too cute!imageWe stopped at the exhibit with stingrays, crabs, horse shoe crabs and a few other swimmy creatures. Kendall and Emory enjoyed watching the blue crab walk sideways. Sweet girls! image “Ah-pu” pictures with Sullivan! imageKendall was impressed with so many things but I loved seeing her just stare as the fish swam near her.  These pictures are of some of my favorite tanks at the aquarium, especially the middle one. imageSome aquarium residents imageAnd just because you can’t go to the aquarium without taking these pictures.  Kendall would not sit next to the frog for the picture I really wanted.  imageI think someone had a really good time.  Can’t wait for the next trip! image

Friday, August 5, 2011

Nineteen months old

Well, I am way over due on this post but things have been extra busy and stressful around our house lately.  I don’t have many pictures either but I promise the next months post will be better.

Kendall now has, get this, SIX teeth coming in all at once.  The day we went for her 18 month well visit, Dr. Nordby checked her mouth and showed me her two upper molars and pointed out the other four that were coming in.  Kendall has handled teething, since day one, without any problems and I am so very thankful.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that baby number two is just as lucky.

These pictures are from the Charleston Mommies 4th Birthday Bash.  We all had a blast.  A company called Jump Bunch provided activities for the kids, we had clowns and carnival themed games.  Kendall thought it would be fun to jump over the net a few times too, and needless to say, her shoe got stuck but she was fine.image image I couldn’t help but share these two pictures.  They are blurry but you should have seen what this momma went through to get just these.  Kendall wanted to try on Grandma’s glasses a few times and thought they were fun to play with.  We didn’t let her keep them on long.imageI love Kendall’s personality as she is growing.  She laughs all of the time.  She can copy most words I ask her to say, she is counting (but mainly focuses on the number 2).  I am continuing to teach her about colors and letters and she seems to pick up things very quickly.  Not too much new to update.  Our happy, healthy, ball of energy 19 month old is funnier, prettier, taller, smarter and more fun as the days go by.