Monday, June 11, 2012

Four month well check

When we went in for Ethan’s appointment, Dr. Nordby said, “wow he’s a big boy.”  She asked what he was eating and I told her he was still just nursing, she was quite surprised.  I didn’t get too many pictures because little man did not like to be on the scale nor did he like the table paper.  Not to mention big sister was tagging along.imageimageEthan checked out healthy as a horse although one small diagnosis was given.  He has torticollis, also known as wry neck.  This condition is due to the tightening of a muscle in the neck.  He will require some outside physical therapy along with the help from everyone around him at home, to help strengthen and stretch this muscle.  It does not bother him and it is not painful.  Dr. Nordby said this condition is easy to fix and should only take a few months to correct itself.

                                                        Height: 26 1/2 inches – 90th percentile

                                                 Weight: 16 pounds 12 ounces – 70th percentile

                                           Head circumference: 44 centimeters – 98th percentile

Sunday, June 3, 2012

The beach

I have been curious how Kendall would handle the beach this year so we packed up some things and made our way to the Isle of Palms with grandma and grandpa.  What an adventure!

Kendall was all about playing in the sand and loved having her bucket filled with water. However, getting in the water was a different story.  I tried once and so did grandma but it wasn’t her favorite thing.  Maybe, when we try again she’ll have warmed up.image Ethan slept for the first few hours of his first trip to the beach but then joined us for some fun.  He didn’t mind the water or the sand between his baby toes.  A wave caught him off guard but he just sat there and watched as the water trickled over his little legs.  Such a content little boy! image image I do believe Kendall’s favorite part was smashing sand castles with grandpa.  We made sure the people who built it were gone and she went to town.  Silly girl!image We had a terrific time.  Thank you to my parents for making this a fun, enjoyable experience for all.imageUntil next time, beach.  Thanks for the fun in the sun! image                                                                                     (Please overlook the quality of all the phone pictures).

Friday, June 1, 2012

Four months old

Well, little munchkin, you are growing like a weed.  I feel like you are a lot bigger then Kendall was at this age.  We will find out on June 11 how you measure out.  You are such a happy baby and rarely cry.  I have continued with your Zantac but mostly just once a day, it seems to be keeping you content.  There has only been one day, that I can remember, that I did not give you any Zantac and it made quite the difference.  You were incredibly fussy and spit up more then normal.  Thankfully that has only happened once. 

Smiling is one of your favorite things and it just melts my heart to see that big, gummy, wide mouthed grin practically all day long.  And, I love to make you laugh, boy is it the best.  I must say I’m good at it too.  I’ll have to get that on video soon.  imageimage                                            It was rainy on the day you turned 4 months but these were two days later)

You are still good at nursing and you are up to drinking six and a half to seven ounces of milk with each bottle.  You’re last feeding is between seven and nine in the evening and you usually wake up around one or three in the morning to eat again.  I’m hoping that sleeping through the night will be coming soon.  You are in a size two diaper and mostly 3-6 months clothes.  Your sister adores you and wants to make sure you are okay at all times.  She is your little mommy.  She helps out with so much and sometimes I just sit and watch as she plays with you and kisses you. If you are crying, she can coo at you for a few seconds and you are quiet in an instant and thank her with one of your sweet smiles.  I think you love her as much as I do!

I’m so thankful to be the mommy to two precious babies.  I love you both so very much!