Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Eight months old

You are growing so quickly sweet boy. Closer to ONE  as the days go by.  You are attempting to crawl and sometimes get up on your knees but so far you aren’t going anywhere.  Meal time is not a problem for you.  Peas are about the only thing you won’t eat right now, maybe that will change.  The sippy cup has caught your eye when it is on your high chair tray and you are a good water drinker. You love to pull up on things and Kendall wants to help you as much as she can.  She loves you so very much and so do mommy and daddy.image Your personality continues to thrive and it’s the cutest.  Your expressions, your squeals, your laughs, I just love it all.  Check out the smile, the mohawk (look closely), the tongue and the funny face! Couldn’t you just eat ‘em up? image You love to sit in the high chair when we are out and ‘just take it all in’. I love to watch your face and see your eyes focus on different things that interest you. I wish I knew what you were thinking.imageYou complete our family, little one! I’m so thankful to be your momma and look forward to all the days ahead. Thanks for keeping my heart full!