Saturday, April 24, 2010

Squeaky Clean

What a fun way to end our beach day! PS~ the Bumbo can float when it is put in a tub, even with a three and a half month old sitting in it.  It was too cute to watch Kendall float. image

Our first beach trip

Well, Mr. Weatherman wasn’t too accurate on his forecast for today but dad, Michelle, Jack, Kendall and I took a quick trip to the beach anyway.  Michelle and Jack were in town for the weekend so we had a whole day planned that was supposed to include sand and sun.  The sun didn’t show up!  We had fun anyway, even for the short time we were there.imageimageimage Jack was a little unsure about the sand at first but once he took a few steps with mommy’s help, he was all set.  He even found a few shells to play with. imageJack held tight to Grandpa’s hand while he took his first steps into the ocean! imageJack had a pretty good time on the beach and splashing in the water considering it was quite windy, drizzling and very overcast.  Next time we will make sandcastles… the sun!image

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Blue Angels

Today we headed down to the Yorktown to watch the Navy Blue Angels perform.  It was such a perfect day and we were amongst the crowd on land and water to watch the show. 

There wasn’t a cloud in the sky!imageimage It was very windy on the top of the boat. After a few pictures Kendall was out of the sun and into the shade!  She was able to enjoy some of the sites and sounds before taking a snooze.imageWe had the whole family together for the Blue Angel outing so everyone was able to be in pictures. 

I wonder how the Grant boys got so tall?  Karena and Chip are so happy!  Wedding bells will be ringing soon enough for you two!  Sullivan and Walker thought it was pretty neat to sit near the jet of a plane, pretty cool idea Uncle Ryan.  Emory was trying to hide from me when I took her picture, too cute!imageThis plane is Fat Albert.  It is responsible for carrying all of the crew chief’s equipment.imageAnd here are the Blue Angels…..

The pictures don’t do the pilots much justice.  There is a lot of precision and practice that goes into the show they performed.  They were quite fast, and loud I might add, so I captured what I could on my camera.  The show was a one of a kind!imageKendall was able to make it through an hour long show thanks to Grandpa’s Bose headphones.  I was a little nervous with how she would do with the noise but as you can see she wasn’t affected at all.  Here is a before the show, far left and then during, both center and right.  I covered the stroller with her pink blanket to keep some of the wind out and kept her occupied with a rattle and Mr. Bird.  In the middle picture, I think she is saying, “ok mommy, I’ve had enough of Mr. Bird, I am going to sleep!”  She fell asleep after about 20 minutes of the show and slept until we were back at the car.  What a trooper! Good job baby girl!image We had such a fun time at the Yorktown.  For me, it was a two for one. I have never been on the Yorktown, nor have I seen the Blue Angels perform.  It was a great time had by all and the beautiful weather made it all the better.  What a perfect Charleston day!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Michigan visitors

Kendall has been able to meet some more of the Michigan family sooner than we thought.  When we were in Columbia for her photo session, Uncle Dan, Aunt Nancy and Peter stopped by for lunch.  They were on their way home from St. Augustine, where they went for Spring Break.  Look how tan they all are! Paul and Michael stayed home this trip.  We hope to see you all again soon, in a few short months.image

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Three month photo shoot

This past Saturday we headed to Columbia for Aunt Michelle to take Kendall’s three month pictures.  My sweet girl cooperated so well and these are just a few of the sweet smiles and faces she gave the camera.   She’s so pretty if I do say so myself! imageimageThe blanket in this pictures was mine when I was a tiny baby (you can see the colors below).image Jack let Kendall borrow his silver rattle as a prop and she almost didn’t want to let it go.  You should have seen the face she gave Aunt Michelle when she tried to take it out of her hand to take some pictures without it.  She sure can put a tight grip on things!imageJack wanted to get in some pictures with his cousin and Kendall was happy to share the spotlight.  I absolutely love the one on the left.  I think Jack is saying,”don’t worry cousin, I will teach you all I know about this great big world.  We’ll make a great team! I love you!”imageWhen Jack was a baby, Michelle took some pictures of him with this pillow in the background.  I love the look of those pictures. It was my special request to have Kendall take some of the same.  imageI can’t believe three months have passed already.  I remember when we were in Columbia for her first photo shoot at day 13.  There will be many more photo shoots to come.

Thank you again, Aunt Michelle for taking pictures of me.  You are the best photographer I know!! I can’t wait to see what my pictures will look like at my 6 month photo shoot! Mommy told me she already knows what I will wear!



Monday, April 5, 2010

Road trip

This week is spring break for many people in many places.  We were fortunate enough to be a part of the crowd but only for one day.  Kendall and I packed a few things for a quick road trip to Hilton Head Island to hang out with Aunt Libby, Lisi, Abby and Sylvie.  Unlce Tim stayed home for this time.  Grandma and Grandpa road along for the trip and Uncle Adam met us there.   Ryan was able to hang out for a bit too on his way back from working in Savannah.  It was absolutely beautiful and we didn’t want to leave!  The sights and  sounds of spring break filled the island air ever so sweetly.  Oh, if we just could have stayed a few more days!imageWe were able to find a nice spot in the shade to enjoy each other’s company and find out what activities the Wiersma girls would be partaking in.  The day after we left they were going to go parasailing.

This was the first time my aunt and cousins were able to meet Kendall and they were so excited!  Kendall was so happy to meet them as well and gave them tons of smiles, although I couldn’t quite capture them.imageAunt Libby has been caring for babies for quite some time now so my cousins are naturals at holding babies.  Kendall was so happy in the arms of all three of my cousins and even showed them her bubble blowing trick.  She enjoyed her toes too, while she was sitting on their laps. imageimageMichelle, Mark and Jack weren’t able to make this trip but Dad was thinking ahead and brought his computer so we could Skype with them.  Mark was at work so we got to see and talk to Michelle and Jack.  We missed you all but we were happy to see you virtually!  Jack was showing us a few of his tricks and he put a smile on all of our faces.  My favorite was when he went to hide between his crib and the wall so we couldn’t “see” him!  He’s a pretty smart cookie.  (Please excuse the quality of the pictures of Jack. I had to take a picture of the computer so we could see his sweet face).imageIt was so nice to be able to make the quick road trip down to Hilton Head but the time went by too fast.  We hope that all of you girls had a fantastic spring break down in the south and a safe trip home. We can’t wait to travel to your neck of the woods so Uncle Tim and the rest of the family can meet Miss Kendall.

Three months old

The months just seem to keep passing so quickly.  It has been an incredible three months and it continues to amaze me that we were blessed as Kendall’s parents.  She makes our heart melt with her great big toothless smiles and by just being the sweet baby she is.  imageThis past month our baby girl has started to do many new things.  One of her favorites is to blow bubbles.  She is really good at it and entertains herself quite easily by doing so.  She is rolling from side to side while she is on her back and it is fun to watch but I don’t want her to roll completely over yet.  She is still our little baby.  When she is on her tummy, she has now figured out how to roll down over her shoulder onto her back.  She mostly rolls to the right when she is on her tummy but has made it to the left a few times.  Kendall has also found her hands and feet and studies each toe and finger closely.  Sitting upright is now something she really enjoys and she will let us know if she isn’t up high enough.  The new view has worked out well for her as she is now able to play in, and enjoy her exersaucer, with some support from a blanket, and sit in her Bumbo without leaning to the side.  She is incredibly strong for three months old.  We think she might have a six pack by the time she’s six months old from all of the ab workout she does when she lays on her back.  I think she thinks she might miss something if she keeps her head on the floor especially when she gets a diaper change. image It has been such a joy being Kendall’s parents and it will only get better and better as the days go by.  She is such a happy baby and smiles constantly.  She continues to eat every 3 to 4 hours and goes to bed around 9:30 or 10:00 pm.  Thankfully she has slept through the night for about a month and wakes at 6:15 am just in time to leave for the babysitter's house.  Kendall and I have adjusted to the whole work/babysitter thing and it is getting easier as the days go by.  We can’t wait to see what Kendall will do next. 

We love you baby girl! – Momma and Daddy

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

This morning we headed out to church at Midland Park with Lindy and Granddaddy for a very special Easter sermon.  Kendall visited with some of the members of the church and then took a nap.  She was so good during the service and was even able to take a nap through the trumpets and horns.  I can’t wait for Kendall to know and understand the story of Jesus!

After church we enjoyed an Easter lunch with the entire Grant family and also celebrated Sullivan’s birthday.  It was such a beautiful day! Can you believe already 80 degrees and it is just April?  Thankfully we had a bit of a breeze when we were outside.imageI decided to lay Kendall in the grass on a blanket because I really wanted to get some pictures outdoors of her in her Easter dress. She rolled from side to side and lifted up her dress a few times but we had daddy helping with the technicalities so we were able to capture a few shots. image Sullivan and Emory went on an Easter egg hunt in the backyard and had a blast checking out what the Easter bunny brought to Lindy and Granddaddy’s house.   Next year Kendall will be able to run around with her cousins to gather Easter eggs of her own. image Sullivan is a big Star Wars fan and was very excited to see his cake.  There was an extra candle on his cake this year to honor GG Lib, her birthday is on April 6.  She passed away in February 2009.  We sure do miss her but know she is watching us from above.imageOnce we were home and Kendall was well rested, we showed her the goodies the Easter bunny brought for her.  She didn’t know what to think about the blue octopus, but thought he was pretty funny.  Cooing is one of her new favorite things and if the octopus could’ve talked, they would have had a pretty good conversation.  She also got some books, teethers, a DVD and a super soft bunny from Lindy and Granddaddy.  Not bad for a FIRST Easter basket!image


We hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend and we look forward to many more firsts with Kendall.