Saturday, February 19, 2011

Jack turns TWO!

We buckled our seatbelts and made our way to Columbia for Jack’s second birthday party.  Michelle made this sign last year and it will be posted at each of his parties….love it! imageThe party theme this year…airplanes. And boy, did everything come together perfectly.imageThere was a gate number to welcome all of Jack’s guests, baggage tags…imageAnd of course lots of yummy, handmade goodies. The propeller pops were very tasty.imageI think Jack’s cake was one of the only things Michelle didn’t make.  She’s so talented and crafty.  Jack was ALL OVER the place and it was really hard to get a picture of him. I think I got two. imageLast year, Jack wasn’t too sure about the Happy Birthday song or his cake, but this year proved to be different.  He was so excited to hear everyone sing to him and was quite the pro at blowing out the candles.  He was even able to do blow them out twice for all of the pictures.imageimageKendall had an absolute blast at the party.  She played in the wagon off and on and wanted to be in the swing for as long as we would let her. We had to remind her to give the other kids a turn.imageDaddy had a very proud moment at one point.  Kendall went to her first basketball game (her cousin, Sullivan) the night before the party. She played with a basketball during the game and watched the kids run up and down the court.  Ryan gave Kendall the ball at the party and told her to go put it in the basket.  Other than him pointing at the basket, which she clearly wasn’t even looking at, she knew right where to go with the ball.  It was a slam dunk!  She (and daddy) was so proud of making the basket and even dunked a few more times.imageBalloons kept a few of the kids occupied, until they let them go high in the sky.  imageAt the end of the party, when all of the bigger kids were done jumping, I let Kendall try the jump castle. I hopped in to supervise. It took a little bit of warming up and then she didn’t want to get out. There were white beach balls inside the castle that Kendall enjoyed kicking around.imageGrandpa even stuck his head in, which she thought was pretty funny.imageimage  Proud grandpa!image Love my girl!imageAs we departed, we picked up our goodie from Jack, a wooden airplane. Thanks buddy!  We always have such a good time in Columbia and look forward to our next visit.  We hope you had a great birthday party, Jack. We sure did enjoy celebrating with you! We hope you have a fantastic day tomorrow when you really turn TWO!image

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I haven’t been giving Kendall applesauce lately because she eats diced fruits that she is able to pick up with her fingers.  Well, we tried applesauce the other night and she had so much fun with it.  Although I tried not to laugh because it is not funny to spit your food out, I couldn’t hold back.  She was trying to make funny noises with the applesauce in her mouth.  I let her do it for about a minute and then decided she had made enough mess.  Her laugh is so contagious!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Thirteen months old

Another month has arrived but not much new to update about.  Kendall is faster then ever, it seems and enjoys running from room to room.  We have to remind her to slow down sometimes.  She enjoys her playroom and on most days it looks like she has played with every toy in the room.  She still just has two teeth but that doesn’t slow her down too much.  Her favorite right now is fruit.  She has learned where her belly is and if you ask her to find her nose, she’ll get yours first and think about finding hers.  I love watching her play and often wonder what is going on in her mind as she is picking up the toys. The faces she makes are priceless.image Kendall-

You continue to light up mine and your daddy’s lives.  You always make us smile and are starting to become so cuddly and affectionate.  You really like to give hugs and kiss mommy all the time.  I think daddy’s facial hair is prickly on your soft skin so you don’t give daddy kisses yet but you’re working on it.  You’re a great sleeper and know your nap and bedtime routines like the back of your hand.  You love to look at books when mommy reads to you and are really starting to have your favorites.  This past month, you weaned yourself from nursing. Once your bedtime story is over, we rock and say prayers and then it’s into your crib without a peep.  You also no longer use a bottle.  We started whole milk from a sippy cup the day after your 12 month visit and you transitioned without any fight.  We are so proud of you sweet girl and you continue to grow and develop so quickly.  I am cherishing each and every moment with you at every age and it just keeps getting better.

We love you!

Mommy and Daddy