Friday, November 2, 2012

Nine months old

My baby boy! Three months until you’re ONE! What? It seems like your first year flew by faster than your sister’s.  I am soaking up every bit of baby that I can.  You are crawling like a champ and have one tooth coming in, on the bottom.  You have dealt well with teething, so far and your tooth popped up without any troubles.  I’m thankful for that and hope it continues.  You are letting go of things when you are standing and continue to get braver and stand longer all the time. 

Kendall makes you laugh uncontrollably and so easily.  I absolutely love watching you two play.  Your sister already calls you her best friend and it melts my heart.  She looks after you and always wants to “make sure Ethan doesn’t cry, okay mom?” We will always watch out for you, buddy.  You have started saying da da da lately and are really good at making the ga sound.  So far, no mama but I’m working on it.


I love you, my boy! I love snuggling with you, kissing your little cheeks. I love that you smile when you see me and come crawling so fast. I love that you’re a mommy’s boy right now.  I love your laugh and your smile.  I love you (and your sister) to the moon and back!

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